Monthly Billing is Here
[Jul 01, 2017]

Alectra Utilities customers will now receive monthly bills. Alectra Utilities has moved to monthly billing per the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) mandate requiring all utilities to make this change.  The convenience of monthly billing will make it easier for Alectra Utilities’ customers to monitor electricity usage patterns and adjust consumption to take advantage of off-peak periods.

Important changes to customers’ bills include: 

  • Bill payments are now due monthly and better align with your other household expenses.
  • Your monthly bill will look the same as your previous bills.
  • It will be for an approximate bill period of 30-days instead of 60-days.
  • Having smaller, more frequent bills will make it easier to manage your household budget.

Sign up for e-billing – it's easy and convenient! E-billing lets you manage your account how and when you want to — giving you total control. Customers may also sign up for pre-authorized payment plans where payments may be made automatically once a month on the bill’s due date.

To learn more, visit www.alectrautilities.com or call 1-866-458-1236.

Are other utilities moving to monthly billing too?
 The Ontario Energy Board, our industry regulator, has mandated that all electric utilities in the province of Ontario move to monthly billing in 2017.

Why is the province implementing monthly billing?
Monthly billing provides consumers with a smaller and more manageable bill payment amount that better aligns with other monthly expenses, making it easier to manage a household budget.
 A monthly bill will provide you with timely information about electricity use, which will help you to better understand consumption habits and manage electricity costs.

Will my bill look different?
Your bill will look exactly the same.  You will receive 12 monthly bills, rather than 6 bi-monthly bills per year. Your bill charges will be based on an approximate 30-day use, instead of a 60-day bill period. Bill payment will be due monthly; check the bottom right corner of your bill for the due date.

I have water and wastewater billed on my Alectra Utilities (formerly Horizon Utilities) bill. What is the impact?
Your water and wastewater/stormwater will also be billed monthly and we will visit your property monthly to read your water meter.

When can I expect my first monthly bill?

Depending on your current billing cycle, you can expect to receive your last bi-monthly bill this spring (April / May) and your monthly billing will commence the following month. Going forward, your account will be on a monthly schedule.  Here are two examples: April 17, 2017 you will receive your last bi-monthly bill and May 17, 2017 you will receive your first monthly bill, followed by your next monthly bill in June, July etc. May 15, 2017 you will receive your last bi-monthly bill and June 17, 2017 you will receive your first monthly bill, followed by your next monthly bill in July, August  etc.

What happens if I'm on a pre-authorized payment plan?
If you are on a pre-authorized payment plan, you will see a payment withdrawn from your bank account each month on the due date of the bill.  If you are on a pre-authorized equal billing payment plan you will so no change and we will continue to process your fixed monthly payment amount as we do now.