Comment Period for proposed changes Horizon Utilities' Conditions of Service

August 25, 2015

As a licensed distributor of electricity, Horizon Utilities Corporation is required to have a document known as "Conditions of Service".  Through its Conditions of Service, Horizon Utilities communicates its operating practices, connection policies, and types and levels of service available to customers and consumers in Horizon Utilities' service territory.

Horizon Utilities' Conditions of Service are based on the template presented in Appendix A of the Ontario Energy Board's Distribution System Code and are organized as follows:

The General section contains references to services and requirements that are common to all customer types.  This section covers items such as Rates, Billing, Hours of Work, Emergency Response, Power Quality, Available Voltages, Metering and Special Contracts.

The Customer Specific section contains references to services and requirements specific to the respective customer class.  This section covers items such as Service Entrance Requirements, Delineation of Ownership, etc.

Appendices section contains a set of appendices that contain additional information:

Understanding CCRAConditions of Service​

Understanding CCRACapital Cost Recovery Agreement (CCRA) brochure

Download each appendix separately:

Appendix A - ​ Schedule of Rates and Charges
Appendix B - ​ Credit Policies by Customer Class​
Appendix C1 - Connection Agreement for Load Customers​
​Appendix C2 - Technical Requirements for Generator Connection
​Appendix C3 - Connection Agreement for a Micro-embedded Generation Facility
​Appendix C4 - Connection Agreement for a Small or a Mid-sized Embedded Generation Facility
​Appendix D1 - CCRA - Customer Connections - Horizon Constructs​
​Appendix D2 - CCRA - Customer Connections - Alternative Bid
​Appendix D3 - CCRA - Developments - Horizon Constructs​
​Appendix D4 - CCRA - Developments - Alternative Bid
​Appendix E - Economic Evaluation of an Expansion
​Appendix F - Interval Meter Communications Agreement​
​Appendix G - Meter Installation Standards​
​Appendix H - Schedule 1: Definition of Distribution Service Area​
​Appendix I - Ownership Demarcation Points and Charges for Connections​

Please note that this document is subject to change. Any required changes will be incorporated with each submission to the Ontario Energy Board and the most current version will be made available here.

Questions related to our Conditions of Service may be submitted:

  • By calling our Customer Service department at 1-866-458-1236
  • In writing to Horizon Utilities Corporation, 55 John Street North, Hamilton, ON L8R 3M8. Attention: Conditions of Service.
  • By email: