Our dedication to the environment is a culture being cultivated at Horizon Utilities Corporation. It is built around the premise of working towards an attainable and green future. Our activities and programs provide environmental benefits, demonstrate strong stewardship, provide economic benefits and illustrate innovation. We want to share environmental opportunities with our customers through proactive Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) offerings. As a company, we a strive to establish our environmental standards against international standards and be one of the most respected local distribution companies in the country.

Earth Day tree planting

Horizon is committed to harnessing technology to better serve our customers, as well as benefit the environment. One way we do so is by encouraging our customers to move to paperless billings.

In 2014, an average of more than 95,000 customers viewed their account information online each month, for a total of 413,336 customers logins to myAccount and another 129,483 mobile logins. In addition, over 17,000 customers receive a paperless statement, which means 102,000 fewer pieces of paper issued in a year, with an equal reduction in envelopes. Along with the environmental benefits, paperless billing provides customers with real-time online access to their bills, as well as the ability to view previous statements.

Over 62,000 customers are now registered for online access. In 2014, our Customer Service team received 1,499,696 customer contacts via Self Serve, our website, our call centre and through engagement on social media.

Horizon Utilities joins Friends of Eramosa Karst to plant trees along Rymal Road

On Saturday, September 26, Horizon Utilities demonstrated its commitment to sustainability.

A team of 33 volunteers, comprised of employees and their family members, joined Friends of the Eramosa Karst (FOTEK) to plant over 800 trees and shrubs along Rymal Road on the Stoney Creek Mountain.

In 2003, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources designated the Eramosa Karst lands as an area of natural and scientific interest. Karsts are geological formations. They include underground drainage, caves and passages caused by dissolving rock, found in limestone formations like the Niagara Escarpment.

The Eramosa Karst area is believed to have the largest number of unique karst features in the province.

The event drew 250 dedicated volunteers who planted 200 medium sized trees and 600 shrubs.

“Horizon Utilities’ employees and their family members were an integral part of our Family Tree Planting Event. Your support and enthusiasm was much appreciated. It was a great day, shared by many families,” Brad Gautreau, Tree Planting Supervisor, FOTEK.

The Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) chose only native species to improve biodiversity and build a sustainable habitat. The mix of coniferous and deciduous plants will act as a buffer from increasing road traffic.