Horizon Utilities Hybrid Truck

Horizon Utilities Corporation continues its commitment to the environment and building a sustainable organization by focusing on vehicle and facilities equipment emission reduction efforts. Our hybrid vehicles - one of the largest fleets of hybrid vehicles of any local distribution company in Ontario, make up 10 per cent of our fleet. Hybrid electric vehicles combine a conventional internal combustion engine propulsion system with an electric propulsion system to achieve better fuel economy and reducing emissions.

The fleet includes a tandem axle, single-bucket hybrid electrical plug-in vehicle to support our St. Catharines service centre. This was the first vehicle of its kind both in Ontario and in Horizon's fleet. This bucket truck can operate the bucket-boom, emergency warning lights, and cab heating and cooling systems for up to six hours at the job site on battery power alone. This system eliminates the need for idling, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Horizon's fleet also includes a second conventional hybrid single bucket truck and two Ford Escape hybrid trucks to complement its overall fleet.

We continue to monitor the performance of this vehicle technology, while assessing other technologies as they become available to support our commitment to building a more sustainable fleet.