Water and wastewater/stormwater billing

Alectra Utilities (formerly Horizon Utilities) bills water and wastewater/stormwater usage charges on behalf of the City of Hamilton. The City of Hamilton establishes the water and wastewater / stormwater rates.

Water and wastewater/stormwater rates

Customers pay for water and wastewater/stormwater charges based on their water usage or volume consumed each month.

All residential, multi-residential,  institutional, commercial, and industrial customers pay a fixed monthly charge based on the size of their water meter and a volumetric charge based on the amount of water used each month.

The blending of fixed and usage charges continues to promote conservation by continuing to give the customer control of their bills by reducing their monthly usage.

The 2021 City of Hamilton Water, Wastewater/Stormwater Rate Supported Budget reflects Council's ongoing commitment and dedication to implement a sustainable financing plan while bridging the divide between the funding shortfalls for necessary infrastructure with affordable rates. For more information on the 2021 Rate Budget click here.

More information regarding water and wastewater/stormwater billing is available below:

For information on your water meter or water and wastewater/stormwater invoice, email our Customer Service department or call 905-522-9200.

For water meter maintenance please contact City of Hamilton.