View the back of the bill

How to read your Alectra Utilities (formally Horizon Utilities) water bill

  1. This section provides your Water & Wastewater/Storm Charges. Click Water and wastewater/stormwater rates for more information on the rates that appear on your bill. Also refer to the bill insert that explains the 2018 rates.
  2. This graph reflects your billed usage, (actual or estimated) and allows you to compare your current water consumption to previous billings.
  3. This area shows your meter type(s), meter number(s), read type (actual/estimated), the meter reading(s), the read date, consumption and billing multiplier.
  4. This column indicates whether your water reading is an actual or estimated reading. If your reading is an estimate, you are encouraged to submit your actual water meter reading to Alectra Utilities here. Typically water meters are located in the basement of residential units, for information on how to read your water meter click here.
  5. The register read recorded from your water meter at the beginning of the billing period.
  6. The register read recorded from your water meter at the end of the billing period.