Powerline leaning against tree 

Alectra Utilities (formerly Horizon Utilities) has many kilometers of high voltage distribution lines and equipment spread out over its service territory. To ensure the safe reliable delivery of electricity to our customers, Alectra Utilities performs line clearing operations to ensure adequate clearances are provided between the vegetation and the distribution system.

The electrical safety code defines the clearances that are necessary based on the voltage levels. Alectra Utilities determines the line clearing cycles based on the code requirements for the service area maintenance schedules.

Alectra Utilities prides itself on performing line clearing practices that are recognized in national and international standards. It is important to strike a balance between the health and vitality of the vegetation and the clearance requirements defended in the electrical code to ensure safety for workers, public and our customers.

Alectra Utilities employs approved and authorized utility line arborists to perform line clearing operations. Utility line arborists are highly skilled in understanding the critical relationship between the clearance requirements from the electrical code and the vitality and vigor of tree and vegetation health. They are skilled electrical workers who understand the special rules, regulations and practices to perform this work safely.

If a customer has a question on line clearing operations, or is concerned about a tree's proximity to overhead power lines, please contact Alectra Utilities. In Hamilton call: 905-522-9200 or in St. Catharines: 905-984-8961.

Tree Trimming

What is the Risk:

Check to ensure that trees are not contacting power lines – if they are, notify Alectra Utilities. Contacting power lines results in 11 per cent of non-worker electrocutions with power lines.

How to Avoid Risk:

Look Out! Be aware of overhead power lines that run across your property. Never touch power lines and never attempt to trim trees around power lines - only trained and experienced workers should trim trees around power lines.


What is the Risk:

One in five non-worker deaths from electrocution are associated with ladders contacting overhead power lines. Aluminum ladders, or ladders with aluminum parts, will act as conductors of electricity if they contact overhead power lines.

How to Avoid Risk:

Look Up! Always be aware of overhead power lines when using ladders. Ladders should always be carried horizontally when moving them from point A to point B.

For additional Information please contact Alectra Utilities or view information on the Electrical Safety Authority's website.

If you do have a tree growing into lines, call Alectra Utilities at 905-984-8961 in St. Catharines or 905-522-9200 in Hamilton. Do not attempt to prune or chop it down yourself.

Many power lines are underground. If you're landscaping, fencing, doing major excavations or even simple gardening, cutting through one could be fatal. Call Ontario One Call (1-800-400-2255) for free locates.