Appliance safety labels

When purchasing an electrical appliance it is important to make sure that there is an approval label attached. A valid Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and/or a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) label are approval labels that verify that the product has been inspected, tested and labelled during production.  If the product has no label, it could pose both a fire and shock hazard.

For further information regarding the safety standards for appliances, visit the Canadian Standards Association's website.Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Logo

For further information on public safety for electrical appliances, visit the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. website.

Appliance recalls

If you have purchased an electrical appliance and would like to know if it has been recalled by the manufacturer, you can find that information on the Electrical Safety Authority's website. The ESA publishes voluntary recalls. 

Appliance safety alerts

If you have an electrical appliance, or are thinking of purchasing one ,there is a helpful website that reports any safety concerns regarding the product or the labelling on the product.  The Electrical Authority publishes Safety Alerts regarding specific products when they become aware of them.

Reporting product safety concerns

If you have a concern about a product, report it to the ESA's product safety concerns.