Understanding my bill 

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How to read your bill

A. This includes the four different parts of your total electricity charges.

B. This is the cost of the measured electricity usage supplied to you during this billing period and is the part of the bill that is subject to competition. Alectra Utilities collects this money and pays this amount directly to our electricity suppliers.

C. These are the costs of delivering electricity from generating stations across Ontario to Alectra Utilities, then to your home or business. This includes the costs to build and maintain the transmission and distribution lines, towers and poles and operate provincial and local electricity systems. A portion of these charges are fixed and do not change from month to month. The rest are variable and increase or decrease depending on the amount of electricity that you use.​

As of January 1, 2015 the cost of electricity related to the Adjustment Factor (3.79%) is included in the Delivery line. The Loss Adjustment calculation is: (Adjusted Usage - Measured Usage) x the current month's electricity rate per kWh.

D. Regulatory Charges are the costs of administering the wholesale electricity system and maintaining the reliability of the provincial grid.

E. The Debt Retirement Charge pays down the debt of the former Ontario Hydro. (removed for certain residential consumption after December 31, 2015)

F. The graph reflects your billed usage, (actual or estimated) and allows you to compare your daily electrical consumption with previous months billing.

G. This area shows your meter type(s), meter number(s), read type (actual/estimated), the meter reading(s), the read date, consumption, billing multiplier, the adjustment factor, and your total adjusted consumption.

​​H. This shows your water and sewage charges for the billing period.

​I. This graph reflects your billed usage, (actual or estimated) and allows you to compare your current water consumption to previous billing.

J. Adjustment Factor: When electricity is delivered over a power line, it is normal for a small amount of power to be consumed or lost as heat. Equipment such as wires and transformers consume power before it gets to your home or business. The adjustment factor accounts for these losses.

K. The register read recorded from your Smart Meter at the beginning of the billing period.