Coming this spring 

You now have a new account number and your bill has a new look – it’s all part of our commitment to continually improve your Alectra experience.

You can now also enjoy our enhanced ebilling through the Alectra Utilities My Account web service.

Thank you for your patience as we worked to improve your experience and make some important changes to your account.


What's changed

  • New account number and new look bill
  • Enhanced Alectra Utilities My Account ebilling
  • Already on ebilling? Login with your email address, new Alectra account number or Horizon Utilities username

Your monthly statement has a new look and new account number

A About you

  • Account Number - Account numbers have changed for all Alectra Utilities (formerly Horizon Utilities) customers.

    Use this number for inquiries and payments. If using online or telephone banking, please continue to make your payment to Horizon Utilities.

  • Bill Number - a unique identifier of a specific bill. It is not your account number to be used when making a payment
  • Name of Account Holder and Mailing Address
  • Service Location and Premise Number - the address we deliver electricity to and its unique identifier

B About this statement

  • Statement Date, Amount Due and Due Date of your current bill
  • Meter and meter reading details with bill period usage information
  • Daily Average Electricity and Water Usage charts

C About the statement breakdown

  • Electricity charges for this statement period including delivery and regulatory charges, taxes, credits and rebates
  • Water and wastewater charges, if Alectra is your municipal water biller

Do you have a pre-authorized payment plan or use online banking? No action is required, your account number will transition automatically.

Introducing the new Alectra Utilities My Account web service

You are invited to sign up for the Alectra Utilities My Account. If you were previously registered for the Horizon Utilities online portal, your account has been automatically transferred to the new Alectra My Account. You can log in with your email address, your new Alectra account number, or your Horizon Utilities username.

Our My Account ebilling solution provides you with a fast, easy and secure way to access your bills and track your payments online. Simply say “Yes” to ebilling on the sign-up form at

Our customer care representatives are always here to help

For assistance, contact us at


Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

You can also reach us online