​Alectra Utilities (formerly Horizon Utilities) is responsible for the delivery of electricity to homes and businesses within our service territory. We do not generate, transmit, or retail electricity. Our delivery rates reflect the cost of service to deliver electricity to our customers. It includes the cost of assets used for distribution, debt costs, operations and maintenance costs and a rate of return on equity, which provides a regulated rate of return to our municipal shareholders.

We take our responsibility to maintain a reliable electricity distribution system for the benefit of all customers very seriously. We continue to make long-term investments to cover future growth and to safeguard your electrical utility by:

  • Expanding electricity service into new developments
  • Upgrading older equipment
  • Maintaining poles, transformers, overhead wires, underground cables and the infrastructure needed to operate the electricity network in Hamilton and St. Catharines.

More information can be found at:

Rates for smart meter customers 

Rates for conventional meter customers