Rate Structure as of July 1, 2019

Customer Administration

Specific Charge and DescriptionRate
Arrears certificate$15.00
Statement of account (2 free per year)$15.00
Pulling post-dated cheques$15.00
Duplicate invoices for previous billing$15.00
Request for other billing information$15.00
Easement letter (if not included in arrears certificate)$15.00
Income tax letter$15.00
Notification charge$15.00
Account history (2 free per year)$15.00
Credit reference / Credit check - (plus credit agency costs)$15.00
Returned cheque charge (plus bank charges)
Charge to certify cheque$15.00
Legal letter charge$15.00
Account set-up charge / change of occupancy charge - water or electricity$30.00
Special meter reads (Customer requested & read is correct)$30.00
Meter dispute charge plus Measurement Canada fees (if meter found correct)$30.00
Credit card convenience charge​
*credit card payment only applicable for residential accounts subject to disconnection

Non-Payment of Account

Specific Charge and DescriptionRate
Late payment interest - per month1.50%
Late Payment Interest - per annum19.56%
Reconnection at meter - during regular hours$65.00
Reconnection at meter - after regular hours$185.00
Reconnection at pole - during regular hours$185.00
Reconnection at pole - after regular hours$415.00

Additional Charges

Specific Charge and DescriptionRate
Service call - customer-owned equipment$30.00
Service call - after regular hours$165.00
Temporary service install and remove - overhead - no transformer$500.00
Temporary service install and remove - underground - no transformer$300.00
Temporary service install and remove - overhead - with transformer$1,000.00
Specific charge for access to the power poles -- per pole per annum$44.50
Administrative billing charge$150.00
Transformer Allowance for Ownership per KW of billing demand/month$-0.73
Primary Metering Allowance for transformer losses - applied to measured demand and energy-1.00 %

Note: All charges subject to applicable taxes except for late payment and return cheque charges.