Reading your water meter can help you save on your water use.

Water Meter

  • You can monitor your water use by reading your meter every day. The odometer in the diagram records your water usage in "cubic metres" and is accurate to 1/10. 1 cubic metre equals 1,000 litres).
  • The small triangle in the centre of the face is a "low-flow" indicator in the diagram. It will turn when even a very small amount of water is passing through the meter. To detect a leak, turn off everything in your house that uses water. The low-flow indicator should no longer be moving.
  • If you need the water supply to be temporarily turned off for any reason, look for the water control valve. This valve is located inside your home between the water meter and the floor. The water control valve is the property of the homeowner and should be kept in good operating condition. If you find this valve is not working properly, you should have it repaired or replaced (you can check for "plumbing supplies and services" listings in the Yellow Pages phone book or online).

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