Ensure Energy Efficiency is Built into your New Construction and Major Renovation Project from Day One

Targeting new construction and major renovations in the planning stages, the High Performance New Construction program provides design assistance and substantial financial incentives for building owners and architects who exceed the electricity efficiency standards specified in the Ontario Building Code.

Today, developers, architects, engineers, property owners and others in the building industry recognize the significance and positive impact of high performance construction. It clearly pays to put energy efficiency high on your priority list when renovating or building new facilities.

The High Performance New Construction program rewards builders and their project decision-makers with incentives for offsetting the cost of energy-efficiency measures, achieving lower long-term operating costs, greatly improved marketability and enhanced occupant comfort. By designing and building new buildings with more energy-efficient equipment for lighting, space cooling and ventilation, your building will cost less to operate, have lower environmental impacts and be a comfortable place in which to live, work or play.

Greater Electricity Savings Mean Greater Incentives

High Performance New Construction program supports up to 100 per cent of the cost of modelling a building (up to $10,000) for the building owner. Approved projects are eligible for incentives in one of two program approaches – a Prescriptive component, which encourages incorporation of pre-approved technologies and a CUSTOM component with incentives based on modelled energy performance.


Incentives are based on standard efficiency measures calculated using worksheets for Lighting, Motors, Unitary AC, Variable Frequency Drives, Synchronous Belts, AEM Service Hot Water, Agribusiness, and Alternative measures for Space Cooling and Multi-Residential In-Suite Appliances.

Financial Incentives for Prescriptive Projects:

Building owners will receive up to $400 for every kilowatt saved for lighting measures or up to $800 for every kilowatt saved for non-lighting measures or up to $75 per appliance. Worksheets can be found under the High Performance New Construction relevant documents section.


Incentives are based on assumed energy and demand savings from modelling software results, used to determine the best energy-efficiency measures to incorporate in a new building or major renovation.

Financial Incentives for Custom Projects

Building owners

  • Up to 25 per cent above Code: $400 for every verified kilowatt saved, or $0.05/kWh of Energy Saved
  • Between 25 to 50 per cent above Code: $600 for every verified kilowatt saved, or $0.075/kWh of Energy Saved
  • Greater than 50 per cent above Code: $800 for every verified kilowatt saved, or $0.10/kWh of Energy Saved
  • (Note: a Custom project must be eligible for a minimum of $5,000 in incentives)

Design decision-maker (Architects, Engineers, Consultants, etc.)

  • Less than 25 per cent above Code: $50 for every verified kilowatt saved, or $0.00625/kWh of Energy Savings
  • Greater than 25 per cent above Code: $100 for every verified kilowatt saved, or $0.0125/kWh of Energy Savings
  • Greater than 50 per cent above Code: $150 for every verified kilowatt saved, or $0.01875/kWh of Energy Savings

If you applied for the building permit before January 1st, 2012 a different level of incentives may apply. Please refer to the worksheets under the relevant documents section for buildings that applied for their permit before January 1, 2012.

Eligibility requirements

Eligible new buildings and major renovation projects in office buildings, industrial buildings, retail spaces, multi-residential buildings, housing complexes, colleges, universities, schools, hospitals, long-term care facilities, hotels and motels can participate. Agricultural building projects are also encouraged to apply. To qualify, the projects must be in Ontario, comply with Part 3 of the Ontario Building Code (OBC), and be intended for commercial, institutional, industrial or multi-residential occupancy. Single-family dwellings are not eligible.

High Performance New Construction is a collection of design strategies and technologies for reducing energy consumption, improving an indoor environment and minimizing the environmental impact of a building. Energy efficiency and sustainable building practices can both be incorporated affordably.

To achieve high performance, you have to go beyond the normal building design process. Thorough planning, smart design and superior quality construction are just starters. Every building component is carefully considered during the design phase. The subsystems and other parts of the building are integrated. Since all of the pieces have to fit together well, it's essential that the entire design team be fully integrated from the very beginning.

Getting started

Click to see the relevant High Performance New Construction documents.

Contact your electric utility company for complete details. Your local electric utility representative will walk you through the process and help you get started.

You have the option of assigning a representative as the Design Decision Maker to complete the application.

Interested in learning more? Contact Alectra Utilities (Horizon Utilities) to find out about the available incentives and how to apply. For further details call: 1-866-458-1235 ext. 2212.