Alectra Utilities (formerly Horizon Utilities) has four different rate structures for business customers depending on the amount of electricity that your business consumes:

  • General Service < 50 kW
  • General Service > 50 kW
  • Large Use Service > 5,000 kW
  • Large Use Service > 5,000 kW with Dedicated Assets

Alectra Utilities does not generate, transmit, or retail electricity. We’re responsible for the delivery of power to homes and businesses within our service area. Our delivery rates reflect the cost of service to deliver electricity, and include the cost of assets used for distribution, debt costs, operations and maintenance costs, and a rate of return on equity, which provides a regulated rate of return to the owners of the utility.

We take our responsibility to maintain a reliable electricity distribution system for the benefit of all customers very seriously. We continue to make long-term investments to cover future growth and to safeguard your electrical utility by:

  • Expanding electricity service into new developments
  • Upgrading older equipment
  • Maintaining poles, transformers, overhead wires, underground cables and the infrastructure needed to operate the electricity network in Hamilton and St. Catharines.

Customers in Ontario have the choice of whether to purchase their electricity from Alectra Utilities as their local distribution company or through a retail contract. The electricity charge is the electricity commodity; it is the cost of electricity paid to the generator. For information on what you should understand in considering a retail contract, visit the Ontario Energy Board website.

The Global Adjustment is a commodity-based charge which is the difference between the total payments made to certain contracted or regulated generators / demand management projects, and market revenues. The Global Adjustment is included in Time-of-Use rates and RPP rates. It is an additional charge for customers who have a retail contract or pay the spot market price.

Business customers who have a smart meter can view their business’ consumption at My Account.

Business customers who have an interval meter can view their business’ consumption, demand, and power factor by logging into My Account and using PowerViewWEB.