This classification applies to a non residential account who average monthly maximum demand used for billing purposes is equal to or greater than, or is forecast to be equal to or greater than 5,000 kW and is served exclusively with dedicated assets.  Large Use Service with dedicated assets accounts are charged for their electricity based on the Spot Market Price as established hourly by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). The IESO provides detailed information about how the hourly charges are determined, forecasts and historical rates.

Global Adjustment (GA) charges are also applicable to customers that are billed for Electricity at Spot Market Price. The GA is the difference between the total payments made to certain contracted or regulated generators/demand management projects, and market revenues. Customers are encouraged to visit the IESO website for further information on the GA.

Specific Charge and DescriptionRate
Delivery Service Charge Per Month$5,853.68
​Loss Adjustment​***see below ​for calculation

*** The Loss Adjustment calculation is: (Adjusted Usage - Measured Usage) x the electricity rate.

Delivery, Regulatory and Debt Retirement Charges

Specific Charge and DescriptionRate
​Delivery - Variable Distribution Charge

Class A Non-Wholesale Market Participants

Wholesale Market Participants





Transmission Charge Connection

Transmission Charge Network

Per kW

Per kW



Wholesale Market Service Charges
Customers will also
have a Capacity Demand Recovery
charge on their bill that is based
on their individual peak demand factor.

per kWh


Standard Supply ServicePer Month$0.25

*Delivery Charges effective January 1, 2020*

Standby Charge

Customers with generation capabilities can reserve system capacity. The charge is applied to the amount of reserved load transfer capacity contracted or the amount of monthly peak load displaced by a generating facility.

Specific Charge and DescriptionRate
Standby Charge Per kW$0.3454