​Interval meters are metering devices that store hourly consumption information.

They are "read" daily - usually after midnight, by a telephone or other communication line.

Business customers with an interval meter are billed for their hourly energy consumption against the Hourly Ontario Energy Price, which is set hourly by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).

For more information on the spot market and hourly pricing visit the IESO website.

For further information about installing an interval meter at your business, contact our Customer Connections department.

Accessing your interval data, pricing, and energy costs

For interval metered customers, Alectra Utilities (formerly Horizon Utilities) offers PowerView WEB that enables customers to view their consumption patterns securely over the internet.

PowerView WEB allows customers to efficiently monitor their energy usage and pricing trends to better manage and control their energy costs. The metering and pricing data is updated each business day, and because the PowerView WEB is accessed through an internet browser, customers can utilize the easy-to-understand profiles and graphical displays whenever they want.

If you would like further information about interval metering or the benefits of PowerView WEB, please contact our Customer Service department in Hamilton 905-522-9200, or St. Catharines 905-984-8961.