General Service < 50 kW customers who have a smart meter are charged Time-of-Use rates for their electricity.

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has approved electricity distribution rate increases for Horizon Utilities Corporation's business customers. These rates were implemented on May 1, 2012.

Rate Structure as of May 1, 2012

Electricity Non-Time-of-Use and Time-of-Use rates are set by the Ontario Energy Board on May 1 and November 1 of each year. These rates are changed to reflect changes in the cost of electricity.

Electricity Used - 250,000 kWh or less annually

Specific Charge and Description Rate
Conservation Block - first 750 kWh Per kWh $0.075
Conservation Block - over conservation block Per kWh $0.088
Transmission Charge Connection Per kWh $0.0049
Transmission Charge Network Per kWh $0.0062
Variable Distribution Charge - Non-RPP Per kWh $0.00766
Variable Distribution Charge - RPP Per kWh $0.00686
Fixed Distribution Charge Per Month $44.25
Regulatory Charge - Non-Competitive Charges Per kWh $0.006300
Regulatory Charge - Administration Charge Per Month $0.25
Debt Retirement Charge - Hamilton Per kWh $0.0070
Debt Retirement Charge - St. Catharines Per kWh $0.0068

Note: Debt Retirement Charge & Local Distribution Charge are not multiplied by the 4.07% "Adjustment Factor".