We offer the following Residential Services:

  • 100A and 200A 120/240V single phase
  • 400A 120/240V single phase underground service at our discretion

For more information or to request service, please contact us.

Service requests and provision for metering

  • Customers are responsible for obtaining a service layout for each metered service and granting approval of the metering location prior to installing any metering equipment.
  • Metering equipment must conform to our applicable standard:

Service energization

We require a minimum of five business days after the following items have been completed to energize the service:

  • Applicable connection fees have been paid.
  • You have set up a power account, and any energy deposit (if required) has been provided to our Customer Connections department
  • Alectra Utilities (formerly Horizon Utilities) has inspected and passed your service installation as specified in the service layout requirement
  • Electrical Safety Authority connection authorization has been received by our Customer Connections department.

Temporary services

Temporary services are typically installed for the purpose of providing construction power, power to special events, or for situations requiring power for up to one year. Services that are anticipated to be in place longer than one year will be considered permanent.

For sub-division development, please contact our Engineering team.