​The NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION initiative is designed to encourage home builders and renovators to construct energy-efficient homes in Ontario.

A 2009 EnerQuality survey of recent home buyers found that almost nine in 10 (88 percent) buyers rated energy-efficiency as important to their purchase decision; however, just 49 percent of buyers reported that they were offered energy-efficient features by their builder. When offered by the builder, the proportion who purchased energy-efficient features has continued to increase (70 percent in 2009).

Incentives are available through select Local Distribution Companies to home builders and renovators for the installation of energy-efficient measures in the home, as follows

  • ​Prescriptive
  • Performance Based
  • ​Custom
​Home builders and renovators can choose to implement Prescriptive, Performance-Based or Custom measures, or a combination of all three. Home owners who are managing their own renovation, and can provide proof of purchase for any equipment that is eligible for an incentive can also apply for the three different streams in the initiative.

If you are a Builder and would like more information about the availability and requirements of the New Home Construction program please contact 905-522-6611 ext. 2213.

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