Industrial generators

A powerful opportunity for managing your electricity costs

For organizations looking for new ways to manage their electricity costs, Demand Response can make perfect sense. Demand Response is increasingly being recognized as an effective way to reduce the cost of power and the need to build additional electricity generation capacity.

What is Demand Response?

Demand Response programs compensate participating industrial and commercial businesses for reducing their energy demand at specific times of power system need. During such times wholesale market prices for electricity may be high, the power system is experiencing large peaks in demand, or there is a greater risk to the reliability of the electricity grid.

Demand Response can be incorporated into your business' energy cost-management strategy in several different ways by reducing your equipment electricity use, generating your own power or shifting production to an off-peak period.

You can participate in Ontario's Demand Response program in two different ways, depending on your facility's needs:

Demand Response Contractual DR3

This contractual initiative offers higher incentive rates in return for your firm commitment to take part in activation notices.

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Learn more about the program and check out a list of Demand Response Providers. ​Check out the program overview for more details.