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 Conservation at AlectraUncover the conservation savings. Discover the possibilities.​

At Alectra Utilities, we are here to empower our customers with the tools and information needed to better manage daily electricity consumption, which can translate into lower bills and promote a cleaner, safer environment for future generations.

In the changing face of energy, we are moving forward to provide safe, reliable and innovative energy solutions to families and businesses across the Greater Golden Horseshoe area. Alectra Utilities is offering multiple conservation initiatives to suit our diverse customer base – learn more to discover the savings available.

For Your Home

Alectra Utilities offers several low cost initiatives you can take to improve the efficiency of your home, save money on your electricity bill, and reduce your carbon footprint. A simple investment of your time may be all you need to enjoy a healthier and more comfortable home. Learn more

For Your Local Business

When running a small business, the energy you use should be helping you grow. Alectra Utilities can help you make informed choices about the energy you use - and make smart decisions on everything from lighting to refrigeration. Learn more

For Your Enterprise Business

Operating a large business is costly and requires constant maintenance. Alectra Utilities is dedicated to helping you identify ways to use less electricity. Our retrofit programs can help you save energy, save money and increase efficiency. Learn more