What is Net Metering?

Net Metering is a simplified financial settlement process for those who are interested in generating a portion of their own energy needs with renewable electricity generation. Net metering is convenient for those who are looking to avoid the need for expensive batteries or back up generators often necessary for off-grid renewable electricity systems. Net metering is only available to those who are installing renewable generation systems up to 500 kW nameplate capacity.

How will my bill be settled?

A net metered generation facility will be billed for the difference between the amount of electricity exported to the distribution system and the amount of electricity taken from the distribution system each month. Regulated electricity charges will only apply to the net consumption of electricity. If the difference reflects zero energy consumption or a net export of electricity by the customer, only the fixed monthly customer charge will apply and a credit for the value of the energy exported will appear on the net metered customer’s bill. Energy credits can be carried forward for one year and will be applied to future bills.

What size renewable system should I install?

Since credits can only be carried forward for one year, there is no incentive for installing generation facilities that consistently export more power to the grid than is consumed by the net metered customer. Also net metering customers cannot participate in other forms of financial settlement, although a net metering customer can cancel a net metering agreement with 90 days notice if they wish to expand their systems and/or participate in other programs.

What if I am with a retailer?

For those electricity customers who have electricity supply contracts with licensed retailers other than Horizon Utilities Corporation, consultation with the retailer will be required before any net metering arrangement can be made.

Who do I contact for details?

Please call 905 522 6611 x 4820 and our Meter Clerk will explain the simplified process. The process is the same as micro-fit above except the IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator) is not involved.