Connecting Generation to Alectra Utilities' Distribution System

Interested in Earning Money by Generating Electricity and Selling it to the Grid?

If you are exploring generating your own green energy (solar, wind, water or biomass), and selling it to the electricity grid, this section will provide information and explain the process, requirements and options for connecting generation facilities to Alectra Utilities' (formerly Horizon Utilities) distribution system.

Selling Electricity to the Grid

Customers have a number of options for selling electricity to the grid. Click here to learn more.

Generation Connection Process

The process for connecting a generation facility to Alectra Utilities' distribution system depends on the size of the generation facility. Choose a size category from the table below to learn more about the connection process:

Size CategorySize of Generation Facility
MicroUp to 10 kW​
Net MeteringUp to 10 kW​
SmallGreater than 10 kW, and up to 500 kW connected at less than 15 kV OR up to 1 MW connected at 15 kV or higher​
Mid-sizedGreater than 500 kW connected at less than 15 kV OR greater than 1 MW connected at 15 kV or higher, and up to 10 MW​
LargeGreater than 10 MW​

Technical Requirements

Click here to learn more.


For information on metering for micro generation facilities, metering for small and mid-sized generation facilities connected at secondary voltages, please click here.

Government Organizations

A number of government agencies and organizations also play a role in connecting generation facilities. Click here to learn more.


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