The following is the process for connecting a small generation facility to Alectra Utilities' (formerly Horizon Utilities) distribution system.

  1. Preliminary assessment

    Note: This step is optional.

    The customer submits an Application for Preliminary Assessment (click here to download the application form and select "Save As"). Alectra Utilities will provide the Transformer Station and feeder information for the proposed generation connection.
  2. Connection impact assessment and offer to connect

    Note: Customers applying for a Feed-in Tariff contract from the Independent Electricity System Operator must enter into a Feed-in Tariff contract with the Independent Electricity System Operator before applying to Alectra Utilities for a Connection Impact Assessment. Click here to visit the Feed-in Tariff program website.

    To ensure the generation facility does not adversely impact its distribution system, Alectra Utilities must study the impact of the generation facility on its distribution system. The customer must submit an Application for Connection Impact Assessment (click here to download the application form and select "Save As").

    Alectra Utilities will perform a Connection Impact Assessment as long as the application is complete and meets the following requirements:
    • There is capacity available to accommodate the generation connection (this does not apply to small generation facilities of up to 250 kW connected at 13.86 kV, or up to 500 kW connected at 27.6 kV) - click here for information on Alectra Utilities' generation capacity limits
    • The proposed in-service date is within three years (five years for waterpower projects)

    The Connection Impact Assessment looks at impacts on power flow, feeder voltage, current loading, fault currents and power factor. Hydro One, the transmission company that owns the transformer stations to which Alectra Utilities' distribution system is connected, may also have to perform its own Connection Impact Assessment.

    Alectra Utilities will also perform a cost estimate for any modifications to Alectra Utilities' distribution system that are required to connect the generation facility. Alectra Utilities will present the customer with an Offer to Connect that includes the cost estimate.

    The customer must pay in advance for the cost of performing the Connection Impact Assessment and the cost estimate.

  3. Connection cost agreement

    Note: The Connection Cost Agreement is also known as the Capital Cost Recovery Agreement.

    If the customer is satisfied with the results of the Connection Impact Assessment and accepts the Offer to Connect, the customer must enter into a Connection Cost Agreement with HoAlectra rizon Utilities. The Connection Cost Agreement specifies the scope of work to be performed either by Alectra Utilities or the customer in order to make the generation connection, the costs associated with such work, the connection date, and any requirements that must be met.
  4. Design & build

    Once the Connection Cost Agreement is signed and any required payments are made, Alectra Utilities will perform the work required to make the connection. The customer will submit final detailed design documents to Alectra Utilities for review. The customer will complete the construction of the generation facility.
  5. Connection agreement

    Before the connection is made, the customer must enter into a Connection Agreement with Alectra Utilities. The Connection Agreement will detail any operating conditions and responsibilities.
  6. Connection

    Once testing and commissioning is completed, and Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) authorization is obtained, the connection of the generation facility to Alectra Utilities distribution system will be made.